Since the beginning of the American Industrial age, Workers’ Compensation laws have protected businesses from employee lawsuits that may ultimately compromise their competitiveness. The Jones Act is a Federal law that protects longshoremen and warehousemen from the dangers they face every day. This law allows workers to sue their respective employers for pain and suffering, lost wages, lost income and future lost wages, all of which are not recoverable from a typical Workers’ Compensation claim. In many ways, the Jones Act is similar to the Federal Employer Liability Act or FELA. Glofin advances cash to members of the International Longshoremen & Warehouse Union or ILWU or any other person that has been injured and has a valid Jones Act claim.

Longshoremen and warehousemen work in dangerous environments.

Seamen, longshoremen and warehouse workers are constantly in the way of danger. Their jobs by nature ask them to work with heavy equipment, rough seas, strong winds, and a myriad of circumstances that are potentially harmful. Offshore oil rigs are extremely dangerous because the decks are extremely high above the deadly ocean below. If a worker is blown off the deck then they face almost certain death. Working on dock areas and warehouses can be equally dangerous to employees who are working on scaffolding, heavy equipment, slippery floors and windy conditions on a 24-hour shift schedule. Just imagine working on the deck of an oil vessel that is caught in a storm in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean during the month of January. Seamen and longshoremen are often forced to continue working in the cold rain and snow as waves pound the ship.

Injury Resources for Longshoremen and Warehouse Workers

Many of the longshoremen and warehouse workers that are injured are members of the ILWU and they receive special benefits such as disability insurance coverage, lost wage union benefits & healthcare coverage. In addition, many of those covered by the Jones Act are in a relatively high income bracket and are able to live on their savings until they are able to return to work. For those longshoremen that have been injured and have a valid Jones Act claim, they can obtain a cash advance against their pending settlement funds to pay necessary living expenses until their claim settles. Glofin offers a special low rate to all members of the ILWU and to all “Z” Card holders. The special rates allow Jones Act claimants to access some of their future settlement dollars today without having to pay higher fees to the funding company.

What is a Z Card?

A “Z Card” is a form of identification that shows a longshoreman is qualified and protected under the Jones Act federal law. If a longshoreman holds a Z Card and he is injured, it is virtually automatic that he will be protected by the Jones Act. Other longshoremen and warehouse workers may also be protected by the Jones Act, but they will have to prove they were injured in the course of a dangerous job such as working on a busy dock or being out at sea.

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The information contained in this article is not, nor is it intended to be, legal advice as Glofin is not a law firm. You should always consult an attorney for advice regarding your individual situation.

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