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If you rush to settle because you need to pay bills now, you may not get the full and fair settlement you deserve. Pre-settlement funding can help.

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No matter how much money you need to pay bills today, you don’t have to worry about paying us back if you lose your case.

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Car accident settlement funding happens quickly at Glofin. Once our pre-settlement funding experts approve your application, you can get your money the next day!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Auto accidents can be financially devastating. Debilitating accidents can lead to long-term physical, mental, and financial hardship for you and your family. You need someone who provides injured plaintiffs with immediate financial support.

That’s why Glofin specializes in no-risk car accident settlement funding. Don’t wait years for help — get assistance now, and relax so you can heal.

Pre-settlement funding is for people who have a pending car accident lawsuit and need to pay bills while they wait for a settlement. It alleviates stress and gives you more time to wait for the fair settlement you deserve.

Waiting a bit longer for your settlement can give your attorney more time to build a stronger case and secure the full and fair compensation you deserve for your injuries. If you get help paying your mortgage, rent, utilities, or grocery bills, you won’t be forced to take a settlement that isn’t fair.

The legal system can be slow and a full and fair settlement takes time — but your bills can’t wait. Pre-settlement funding helps you cover your daily expenses while you wait for your attorney to win your case.

The types of claims that qualify for pre-settlement funding include the following: car accidents, bus and school bus accidents, truck accidents, pedestrian accidents, tractor-trailer accidents, bicycle accidents, motorcycle accidents, van accidents, limousine and taxi accidents, as well as accidents in vehicles used in ride-sharing services such as Uber and Lyft.

Glofin was founded in 2002 for a simple yet necessary reason. We wanted to find a helpful solution for personal injury victims who were struggling under the burden of growing financial demands but were stuck in legal limbo.

We saw firsthand the financial toll it took on our clients who were awaiting settlement but still had to provide for themselves and their loved ones. This financial toll also prevented our clients from seeking medical treatment or furthering their lawsuits — that’s where Glofin came in.

In as little as 24 hours, we are able to help our clients get the cash they need to continue to provide financially for themselves and their families.

Every day, we help hundreds of clients get the financial support they need so they can focus on their case and recover from their injuries. We offer risk-free pre-settlement funding with no income verification and a simple, easy-to-understand process.

Our clients love working with us because we help ensure they are financially taken care of while they wait for their case to be settled. We help alleviate mounting financial pressures so they can focus on winning their case and getting the medical care they need.

We know this is a tricky time and all of the legal processes can be daunting. That’s why we offer resources to help generally inform you on various legal topics — from how to choose a personal injury lawyer to weighing whether you should settle or go to trial. Just one more reason why you should choose Glofin for pre-settlement funding.

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