Don’t Let an Accident Affect Your Finances.

If you have a pending settlement and need cash to help get by while your case settles, Glofin (formerly Global Financial) can help. What’s better is if you don’t win your case, you don’t have to pay us back a dime.

You Don’t Win, You Don’t Pay

Get Pre-Settlement Funding in as Little as 24 Hours

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How Can Glofin Help You?

If you’ve been injured, you may have a lot of unpaid bills piling up. Glofin’s pre-settlement cash advance can help ensure you don’t miss payments or get stuck with late fees if you run out of funds.

Why Work With Glofin?

How is Glofin different from other pre-settlement funding companies? We offer:

Fast funding — potentially as fast as 24 hours

A one-minute application process

Dedicated account representatives

No risk — you don’t pay us back if you lose your case

Take 30 seconds to see if your case qualifies for cash!

How It Works

How You Can Use Your
Pre-settlement Funding

We help thousands of plaintiffs get pre-settlement funding to ensure they can pay their bills while waiting for their case to settle. We’ll help ease some of your financial pressures by helping you pay your rent or mortgage, buy groceries, and cover your medical costs. Meanwhile, your attorney will be able to focus on winning the settlement you deserve.

Get Your Cash Advance In 24 Hours

Check Out Our Resource Center

We know you’ll have a lot on your plate for quite a while — even after you get your pre-settlement funding. That’s why we created an informative resource library where you can study topics like vetting personal injury lawyers and deciding whether to settle or go to trial.

Check the Status of Your Cash Advance

Log into our customer portal using the button below to check the status of your pre-settlement funding cash advance. For urgent issues or concerns, call us directly at (888) 667-1991 to speak with a case consultant.

Frequently Asked Questions About Pre-Settlement Funding

Pre-settlement funding provides you with cash now, even if your lawsuit is months or years from a settlement. Pre-settlement funding is not a loan and you only owe if and when your case settles. If you recover nothing, you owe nothing.

Once you get pre-settlement funding, you’ll have help paying your basic bills. That means you’ll be able to spend more time and energy getting the medical care you need to reach maximum medical improvement, which helps your attorney build a stronger case.

In exchange for pre-settlement funding, you assign a portion of the potential proceeds from your civil claim to us. Just like you and your attorney, we hope for but can’t guarantee a successful resolution — if the case is lost, you owe us nothing.

No. If you do not recover a settlement from your case, we get nothing.

Your pre-settlement funding can be used to cover any of your basic needs: rent or mortgage, car loan payments, household necessities, groceries, and of course, your medical care.

After reviewing your file, we can usually have your pre-settlement funding cash in your hands within 24–48 hours. There are no lengthy applications or credit checks.

Relieve Stress While You Wait

Pre-settlement funding can help you cover basic expenses so you can focus on living your life — and your attorney can focus on building a strong case. Apply for pre-settlement funding today.