Low Cost Pre Settlement Funding

There are several things you can do as a consumer to obtain a low cost or discount Pre Settlement Funding.  Pre Settlement Funders, like any other business, are looking to achieve a good return on investment.  The more risk factors they calculate with your legal claim, the higher the rate they will charge.  So let’s review how we can lower those risk factors and obtain the best and lowest cost pre settlement funding.

1.  Apply directly with a Pre Settlement Funding company that is reputable and that has been in business for at least 10 years. This is critical because there are many agents, affiliates and brokers that will up charge you and ultimate increase the cost of your Pre Settlement Funding.

2.  Make sure your lawyer provides all the information required as the more information that a funding company receives, the better pre settlement funding rate you are likely to get. Lawyers may be busy but remember that they represent you and they should spent a few minutes to help you obtain the lowest cost pre settlement funding available in the market.

3.  Your lawyer may refer you to a company of their choice. This may or may not be your best option.  Be your own advocate when applying for Pre Settlement Funding and make sure that your review your lawyer’s options as well as those that you investigate yourself.

4.  Avoid brokers at all cost. Ask any company that you call if they are a direct Pre Settlement Lender, if they are not you should ask what their commission is.  Commissions generally mean higher fees to consumers so make sure you ask the questions.

Now For the GOOD NEWS……..

1.  Pre Settlement Funding can save your business, good credit or even your family!  When you have been injured and are unable to work, the bills continue to come in and must be paid. Obtaining a Pre Settlement Funding will afford you the flexibility of receiving a portion of your settlement dollars today, without having to make monthly payments.

2.  If you lose your pending legal case then you ARE NOT obligated to repay the Pre Settlement loan that you obtained.

3  Pre Settlement Funding companies do not run credit checks or income verifications, so it is fine to explain your credit situation and your ability to pay.

4.  Use paralegals to help you in this process. Their job is to help clients of the law firm and so you should spend time having them help you.

Glofin has been in business for 14 years and has one of the best reputations in the business. We do not use any type of sales pressure. We explain our pre settlement funding services to see if they are right for your and our situation.

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