Lawyers keep it casual to relieve stress, poll shows

The straight-laced, button-up world of the courtroom can be an intense one, where strict decorum and professionalism is not only encouraged, but demanded. But behind closed doors, when attorneys are working on behalf of their clients to put their best foot forward, lawyers like to keep things light and loose, a new survey suggests.

At close to 60 percent, a strong majority of lawyers prefer to work in a relaxed, casual work environment rather than the alternative, a recent poll conducted by Robert Half Legal showed.

Legal professionals at approximately 200 law firms from around the country participated in the survey, which asked respondents whether they liked working in a casual employment setting, or one that was more formal. Nearly 45 percent indicated they preferred one that was “somewhat more casual,” while 15 percent enjoyed those that were “much more casual.” Conversely, only 1 percent said they wanted a work setting that was much more formal, with 20 percent saying somewhat dressy was their preference.

Charles Volkert, senior district president for the Menlo, California-based staffing and consulting solutions company, indicated that firms are doing whatever they can to make their current employees happy and implementing action plans that encourage job seekers to apply.

“In today’s competitive job market, employers are using creative strategies to recruit and retain legal professionals, including adopting a less formal work environment that reflects a business casual dress code and offers a comfortable physical workspace to encourage team collaboration,” Volkert explained. “A more relaxed workplace can reduce stress, foster creativity and ultimately enhance productivity and job satisfaction.”

Lawyers no strangers to stress

“Lawyers experience work-related stress at nearly four times the rate of other professionals.”

There’s a lot riding on court cases, whether they’re fully adjudicated in front of a judge and jury or settled. This is part of the reason why stress is all too common with legal professionals. According to a study conducted by researchers from John Hopkins University in Cleveland, lawyers report experiencing work-related stress at nearly four times the rate of other professionals, ABA Journal reported.

Also contributing to stress levels for law firms is what’s involved in the discovery process, as costs can rise long before cases are ready to go to court, potentially putting professionals in situations where they may be putting their ability to win in jeopardy. At Glofin, our business is ensuring that law firms can successfully accomplish their business. We offer cash advances that provide the financial assistance firms need to cover their debts, relieving the tension that may hold them back.