Glofin Make a Difference Campaign – Greer Relief SC Team


Pictured above: a few of our South Carolina employees volunteered at Greer Relief

“Greer Relief is an organization that helps those in need in the community. They help with financial resources such as rent assistance or utility assistance. They also provide a food pantry service to the homeless, who can receive up to 10 day supply of food. Their food pantry also services the community where a family may receive food once every three months. Greer Relief’s mission is to provide services to transform neighbors in need of neighbors who thrive by providing services to eliminate poverty and help overcome barriers for success. At Christmas, they provide a Christmas shop for families to receive gifts for their children if they have received assistance throughout the year and completed some classwork.

On Monday, June 10th, the staff of the Greenville office spent a few hours helping Greer Relief process a large food donation. We helped restock the daily bread and produce sections for pick-up. We moved and organized several hundred pounds of beans/peas. On the day of our visit, Greer Relief received a 990 pound delivery of food from one of the larger food pantry sources in South Carolina. Our team processed the order by striking through bar codes, organizing and stocking the shelves. We also helped clean up from the organization activities.

Speaking with Yvonne Thompson, Americorp rep at Greer Relief, she said that without volunteers, Greer Relief cannot complete their mission. People in the community donating time to help with the activities that maintain the food pantries and other resources for Greer Relief make their work possible. She remembered our group from our time in the Christmas shop and already said she hopes we will come back this year to help out. “

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