Global Financial Enters a New Brand Phase

Continuing a legacy of helping plaintiffs in need of pre-settlement funding

In an effort to continue to strive toward providing the best pre-settlement funding services to plaintiffs facing personal injury cases, Global Financial has been going through a variety of changes. Earlier this year, we announced that we would be rebranding after partnering with Lovell Minnick.

Glofin-blog-Global-Financial-Enters-a-New-Brand-Phase (1)

Shortly after that merger, Global Financial announced the acquisition of Omni Holdings a leading medical lien funding company operating in the Southeastern U.S. This acquisition included Omni’s subsidiary company, Peak Funding, a pre-settlement funding company. Hence, Global Financial is going through another rebrand and has decided to rename the company Glofin

Backed by 17+ years of experience, Glofin is excited to build upon the exceptional pre-settlement funding services previously provided by Peak Funding Group. Both companies are dedicated to working alongside attorneys to help plaintiffs gain access to financial resources that they need while waiting for their personal injury cases to settle. 

We are positive that this rebrand is yet another reflection of the company’s continued growth and commitment to providing the highest level of service to personal injury clients. Welcome to the future of Glofin. 

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